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I Can Ease My Stress (Mantra Meditation)Aaron Hill
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"Stress Is Your Ally" 5M Self Care Saturdays Week 2 Notes

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My Self Care Formula For You!

5M is a 5 part self-care formula where as a certified meditation & mindfulness teacher I teach you how to use Music, Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness & Mantras to decrease your stress, anxiety, grief, depression, improve sleep and increase your peace. I'm available for workshops at churches, spiritual centers, corporate environments. Inquire by clicking the button below.

My new mindfulness book for children and my life story for adults!

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We are G.E.M.S. is the fun autobiography of musician Aaron Hill's journey of finding his gifts & talents, educating himself in and out of school, and learning mindfulness which would lead to his many successes. Hill leads children in a fun, musically inspired way to teach them that they are G.E.M.S. --an acronym to show youth that they can take their destiny into their own hands because they too are gifted, educated, mindful, and successful. The book concludes with a mini-workbook to guide children into a self-discovery of mindfulness using G.E.M.S. The companion digital song puts the words of the book to rhythm and rhyme in a Hip Hop & Soul fashion into giving children and adults "edu-tainment". This all makes for a fun, engaging, experience through music, movement, meditation, mindfulness, and repeating mantras.


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About Aaron

Aaron Hill is a piano artist, mindfulness & meditation teacher, speaker, author and humanist who uses all that he has to help as many as possible.

Mindful meditation is the process of choosing a focal point, getting distracted, noticing it then gently leading yourself back to your focal point with a non-judgemental attitude. "Aaron Hill"

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