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5M with Multi BILLION Dollar Organizations!

Watch this quick 1 minute video of me doing 5M with the Environmental Grantmakers Association!

1.5 Years Working with Veterans!

5M Soulful Self Care has been on the clinical programs at The Baltimore Station for 1.5 years. It's been a truly humbling, learning and enjoyable experience!!

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Giving vets a breathing practice to help with PTSD.

5M Soulful Self Care Saturdays
Watch vid below!
(Eventbrite Info Here)

Every Saturday (June-July), Decrease stress, anxiety, grief & depression while increasing sleep quality, strength, flexibility and mobility in just 5 minutes through Music, Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness, Mantras & Massage!!

12-2pm at St. Luke’s Church On The Avenue, Hampden (800 w. 36th st.)

(Family Friendly/Suggested Donation $25)

• Piano Sound Bath w/ singing bowls, rain sticks & more!

• Body Scan Meditation

• Light Stretching Movement Flow

• Humming Meditation

• Intention Setting

• Massage $2/min

• Zero gravity chairs & mats available

Couple Meditating

A Soulful, Soothing Self Care Experience . To relieve your stress, Try my 5M Soulful Self Care Meditation of the day and let me know how it makes you feel!

I Can Ease My Stress (Mantra Meditation)Aaron Hill
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About Aaron


Aaron Hill is a Mental Health Artist & Advocate, creator of the 5M Soulful Self Care App, mindfulness & meditation teacher, aspiring NASM stretching, flexibility and mobility coach, speaker, author and humanist who uses all that he has to help as many as possible.

Aaron Hill is a bit of a renaissance man and polymath with a wide range of talents and areas of knowledge and expertise in the fields of music, audio engineering, philosophy, theology, psychology, psychotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, business and entrepreneurship to name a few.


Hill's educational background includes certifications in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee School of Music and Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts. 

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I teach you/your organization how to decrease stress, anxiety, grief, depression, improve sleep quality, build strength, flexibility and mobility in a musical way just 5 minutes at a time!

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5M is a 5 part self-care formula where as a certified meditation & mindfulness teacher I teach you how to use Music, Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness & Mantras to decrease your stress, anxiety, grief, depression, improve sleep and increase your peace.


I'm available for workshops at churches, spiritual centers, corporate environments. Inquire by clicking the button below.

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My new mindfulness book for children and my life story for adults!


We are G.E.M.S. is the fun autobiography of musician Aaron Hill's journey of finding his gifts & talents, educating himself in and out of school, and learning mindfulness which would lead to his many successes. 

Mindful meditation is the process of choosing a focal point, getting distracted, noticing it then gently leading yourself back to your focal point with a non-judgemental attitude.

"Aaron Hill"


Aaron Hill

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Key Reflections Vol. 1

Escape the everyday frustrations of life with my first solo piano album. Truly a stress reliever!

Yoga at Home



Meditating on the Beach
Doris Thomas

Aaron I thank you so much for mantras they help me throughout the days of stressful work and when some daily life problems that may come up and there only one place I can go to is just relax and breathe looking forward to the next 5M Meditation class

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Dawn Thompson

Aaron Hill your meditations are so helpful. I used one in the doctor's office yesterday (I get white coat syndrome and my blood pressure goes bezerk). I can tell you that 5 min with you in my ear had me and my numbers in excellent shape! 

Thank you and love you my friend. So proud of your giving and loving nature. Continue to change the world!!!

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Helaine Matz

Wow! So true. Great post! Went to your website, joined your monthly subscription group, and listened to your manta♪♪♪sing...loved it and the music! Kudos to you,

Aaron Hill!



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